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Sperry Dome

Our latest rental product is the Sperry Dome, a truly unique and effortlessly cool event tent. This is the Sperry family’s take on a typical event rental dome – however, it’s plain to see that there’s nothing typical about our version. The intricate frame of solid wood and elegant canopy of hand-sewn sailcloth panels are classic examples of Sperry craftsmanship interacting in a whole new and inventive way. With a 66-foot outer diameter and a 58-foot interior diameter providing 2,500 square feet of usable space, the dome is large enough to fit 100-140 guests for dining and dancing or up to 200 for non-seated events like cocktails. Pairs effortlessly with our standard Sperry Tents or makes a statement on its own.

See the Sperry Dome in Action:

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