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66′ x 66′ Sailcloth Tent

Our line of 66-ft-wide tents features rows of double center poles and offers greater flexibility in laying out a tent’s interior. The 66 x 66 ft tent can accommodate 180-220 seated guests with room for dancing or up to 400 guests for non-seated events like cocktails.

Please Note: A variety of factors can influence tent size. Our guest counts per tent are a useful tool for initial planning but ultimately the experienced event coordinators at our licensed locations will guide you. Dining table shape, large buffets or bars, lounge areas, tent availability, and even the site itself all play a role in the selection process.

Area: 3,901 sq ft (362 sq m)
Perimeter: 224 ft (68 m)
Seated Guests: 180-220
Non-Seated Guests: 400

Sample Layout A:

  • 160 Guests at (16) 72” Round Tables of 10
  • 20’ x 24’ Dance Floor
  • 8’ Double Bar
  • (3) 8’ Buffet Stations

Sample Layout B:

  • 208-260 Guests at (26) 60” Round Tables (8-10 Guests per Table)
  • 20’ x 24’ Dance Floor
  • 8’ x 20’ Band Stage
  • 12’ Bar
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