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Announcing New Pacific Northwest Partner: Sperry Tents Seattle

Sperry Tents, a luxury tent brand, has announced a new addition to its international network of providers: Sperry Tents Seattle.

Sperry Tents Seattle is poised to bring the world’s most elegant rental tent to the State of Washington. From its Seattle-based warehouse, this Sperry office can readily service Western Washington, including areas of Seattle, Bellevue, Everett, Bellingham, Tacoma, Olympia, Bainbridge Island, the Olympic Peninsula, and more. Locations East of the Cascades are possible as well with additional travel planning.

Co-founders Scott Lawson and Ben Gross bring to the table impressive résumés in outdoor event expertise, from backyard weddings and beachside rehearsal dinners to multi-tent setups and large corporate fundraisers.

Gross, a native Rhode Islander, discovered his passion for Sperry Tents during his high school years while assisting in tent takedowns alongside his cousins, Ryan and Warren Gross (who later pioneered the Colorado branch). Meanwhile, Lawson established himself as a dedicated professional in the tenting world by working as operations manager for Sperry Tents Hamptons.

“We are thrilled to channel our entrepreneurial spirits into building a business that provides Sperry’s supremely elegant, handcrafted tents to Washington State,” said Gross.

“Sperry Tents are well known along the East Coast, and it’s really exciting to introduce this product to the Seattle area and watch the interest build as clients and industry partners reach out,” added Lawson of the opportunity.

Until now, Sperry Tents’ Northwest coverage was limited to the state of Oregon, serviced by Arden Event Collective in Portland. Sperry Tents Seattle is now quoting for the 2024 season and booking into 2025.

Tim Sperry, president of Sperry Tents, said: “We have been eager to expand our Pacific Northwest presence for years. We couldn’t pass up this opportunity to have two seasoned tent professionals lead the way and maintain the high standards and attention to detail we expect of our licensees.”

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